We will use our experience and bidding skills to give you the best chance of securing the property of interest.

We will take the stress and emotion out of purchasing property at auction and often save you a substantial amount of money.

We can provide you with realistic expectations of the likely successful selling price of the property. Your identity can remain confidential if you wish.

We can also represent you if you cannot attend.

As part of the service:

We use our expertise to ensure all pre-auction preparations are completed.

If requested, we personally inspect the property and prepare a full market appraisal (optional).

We use our expertise to develop the most appropriate auction bidding strategy to maximise the chances of securing the property.

We execute and modify the strategy as required by the swift progress of the auction, including any negotiations during auction.

If the property is “passed in” at auction, we continue to negotiate with the selling agent on the day of the auction (no extra cost to you).